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a collection of "little bits of creativity". ​Snibble was a word I picked up from ​my great grandma when I was little to ​describe the bits of paper and cloth ​that I made when I found scissors that I ​wasn't supposed to have.

The actual definition: snibble n. [From ​Pennsylvania Dutch slang.] 1. Small ​pieces of paper, material, threads or ​the like left over from cutting.

Crafty Collage Cut-Outs Patterns and Textures
Flowers and leaves scandinavian folk art. Symmetrical floral silhouette composition.
Crafty Collage Cut-Outs Patterns and Textures
Textured Cutout Leaves

About Mrs. Scott/Gabi

I received my Bachelor of Science in ​Art Education in 2001 and have taught ​in public schools ever since then. I ​estimate that I have had roughly 6,000 ​students in my classes!

For 6 years in Missouri, I was a visual ​art teacher for students from ​kindergarten to 8th grade. After ​moving to California in 2007, I taught ​for Starting Arts, an amazing arts ​organization that provides arts ​education to Bay Area public school ​kids who don’t otherwise receive ​classes through their normal school ​programs. I wore many different hats ​for 8 years at SA, from helping to make ​props, to administration roles, to ​teaching camps and classes and ​much more.

Questions: email me 🙂

I now live in Longmont, CO and make things, ​curate items from thrift stores and estate ​stales and facilitate art and maker programs ​in Boulder County including:

  • High School Art Lab with BMoCA (Boulder ​Museum of Contemporary Art)
  • Summer art camps at Junkyard Social ​Club in Boulder and Firehouse Art Center ​in Longmont
  • SPARK Programs for individuals with ​memory loss through BMoCA
  • Private Art Lessons

I call all of this Creation Facilitation.

Creation Facilitation?

To me, it's a combination of several things:

  • Meeting creators where they are, whether challenged ​by dexterity or a skilled sculptor.
  • Interdisciplinary - Huge S.T.E.A.M. Ed fan here!
  • Adapted activities for Neurodiversity - I specialize in 2E ​and individuals with ALZ and memory loss.
  • Materials come from unusual places and are used in ​atypical ways. I love hardware stores!
  • I also LOVE going to estate and yard sales and curating ​interesting objects that I sell in my booth at​ Cobblestone Corner in Berthoud, Colorado.
Bird in folk art. Decor element.
Abstract Paper Cut-Out Leaf
Jungfrau Mit Hotel Torn Paper
Marbleized Geode Deep Blue Crystal Sliced Geode


Teaching art and curating cool stuf​f ar​e not my only gigs

Ripped Paper Sheet

I have extensive experience creating vector graphics and ​printed media with Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Canva ​and have functional Photoshop skills. I really enjoy tackling ​new challenges and there is no job too small!

My design company is Elle Creative.

Lined Paper

Portfolio site:

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A fir branch on a transparent background. Watercolor


Graphic Design has always been my passion since my oldest brother gave me Microsoft Publisher ​in the mid 1990s when I was a tween. Although I got my degree in art education and have taught ​many children, I have created signs and other print media as my hobby on the side.

For the past 15 years, I have been teaching a bit less and designing more and have created print ​and web content for non-profit organizations and small businesses, designed logos for countless ​orgs, and have even completed custom photo album layouts for weddings and bar mitzvahs.


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Valentine Love Ornament

Yep! I made this website in Canva,

one of my happy places.

Abstract Floral Pattern
Collage Flower Design Element
Collage Flower Design Element